Sunday, July 5, 2009

Creating "Ride the Wave"

Alot of the cats that know me tell me that the coolest part of my art is watching it take shape, so I thought I'd do my best to share that experience. This is the evolution of a fun piece I just created called "Ride the Wave"
After the Sketch was Laid out on the Canvas, I started filling in Color. I started with the Octopus mostly because it was fun, also the greens are light enough that if I needed to cover them later, it shouldn't be a problem.

Next, I did the pink for the tentacles.

Then the yellow and Orange Blends, again easy colors to cover up if there is a mistake.

Now that most of the bright objects being carried in the wave are done I bust out the dark blue, light blue and white to add the wave itself.

Using the same colors for the Shark...

..,and the Dolphin.

Then I blend Lt/Dk Blues with Lt/Dk Greens and white to create the tube of the wave.

I continue with these colors doing one "section" of the tube at a time and then adding the tail.

Once that's dry I go back and start the sun rays.
and continue to fill the page with alternating red-orange yellow-white blends and yellow-white-yellow-orange-red blends.
After addin the sun I'm pretty much done with the coloring, just detailing left.
The picture really starts to come together when I add the black outlines and the white part of the wave.
Finally after detailing with bold, fine and x-fine black/white markers the piece is complete and ready for clear coat!
Hope you enjoyed it!