Saturday, March 26, 2011

ON DECK VI pt 4: I work the Lines

My deck for the Montana Skatepark Association's On Deck VI fundraiser is nearly complete! The board has been prepped, the painting has been sketched, and the color has been laid down. Now its time to bring it all together with the outline.
The colors all laid out.

Adding the outline really begins to add definition to the painting.

Varying the thickness of the lines helps to make it POP!
 Now that the basic outline is done I will go back and add the fine line detail and shading, as well as some white highlights.

Want more info on the On Deck auction or the MSA? Go to:

Friday, March 11, 2011

ON DECK VI pt 3: In Living Color

Now that the deck is sanded and the sketch has been outlined, its time to get to the good stuff THE COLOR!
I began buy coloring the tentacles. I achieved the color by using ZIG Posterman Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown and Uni Posca Orange. I faded the color from yellow and orange around the suckers  red to brown for shading.
I'm planning on leaving wood grain showing on the suckers, and coloring the rest of the board.
All arms completed. I added a little Sharpie White for highlights in a few places and a touch of Sharpie Black for some of the arms further in the background.
Next I added some Green  plantlife at the bottom using both Zig and Uni Posca Green with Zig Yellow for highlights in the foreground and Zig Blue for lowlights.
Now I went to work on the beast's head in the background combining reds, blue, brown, purple and black.
I made the water by blending Sharpie Blue to Zig Blue to Sharpie Flourescsnt Blue.
Finally I crolored the mermaid using a  combination of browns, orange, yellow, and white.
With the color all laid out, the next step is what brings it all together and really makes it pop. Its time to start adding in the black outlines and shading as well as the white highlights.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ON DECK VI pt 2: Its getting sketchy

more on the creation of my skate deck painting for Montana Skatepark Association’s On Deck 6

Now  that I've calmed down from my initial giddiness of receiving a fresh new deck (its the simple pleasures in life). Its time to get to work!

First step is to get the clear coat off the board. 
I sand down just the bottom of the deck, since that's the part I'll be painting.

I do a wet sand starting with coarse paper and working my way to finer grits until the deck is oh so smooth. This is usually the step in the process where I start figuring out what I'm going to paint. I love sanding by hand, there's something organic about the process to me, and I feel like each deck speaks to me, and tells me what kind of painting is locked inside. (not literally, I'm not that koo-koo)

Now that the deck is nice and smooth with all the clear coat gone, i take it back to my desk and get to sketchin!

First I lay out a really rough sketch, keeping it real loose. Just kind of putting the pieces in place.

I continually go back and tighten up the sketch, still keeping the whole thing really loose. I'm not too worried about detail here, that will come out in the paint. However I do want to get a solid idea in my mind of how it will look.

The final sketch
Now She's Ready for paint...

On Deck 6's online auction will go online mid-April. The opening of the show will be on First Friday in May at The Brink Gallery in Missoula, MT. - May 6 from 5-8 pm. The live auction will take place on May 21.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Each year the Montana Skatepark Association hosts On Deck a fundraiser combining art and skateboarding. The goal is to help Montana Communities build free, public, concrete skate-parks. I participated in On Deck V which helped raise $4,500 to help Montana communities establish skateboard parks and develop skate-park programming. Sweet right!?

Well its that time a year again and the preparations for On Deck 6 are underway. This is the 6th annual skate art auction to raise money to promote skateboarding in Montana. This year's auction will be taking place at the brink gallery in Missoula, MT.

The opening of the show will be on First Friday in May - May 6 from 5-8 pm. The live auction will take place on May 21.
Here's the Skinny on the Event:

  • Each year The MSA puts out a nation wide call to artists.
  • Artists interested in being considered for the ON DECK Art Auction submit their name, contact information and a web address that displays their work.
  • A limited number of artists are chosen by MSA Board members to participate in the ON DECK Art Auction.
  • Chosen artists receive a blank skate deck in the mail to design as they see fit and return to the MSA.
  • Online bidding begins in mid-April, prior to the live auction.
  • May 6th, 2011 All art decks go on display at The Brink gallery in Missoula, MT for First Friday reception.
  • May 21, 2011 ON DECK VI Live Auction is held in Missoula, Montana.
Learn more @

I was among the selected artists again this year and have been patiently awaiting the arrival of my deck...

Today I got home from a long days work and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a slender cardboard box filled with skate gear!

So I ripped open the tape to reveal my fresh canvas!

I have seen a ton of blank decks of all shapes and sizes but I still get excited every time I get one in. Each one is a little different and right now they're so fresh and clean and just crying out for some love, affection and paint!

Now to get to the prep-work...