Monday, April 4, 2011

ON DECK VI pt 5: The Final Days

The MSA is hosting their 6th annual ON DECK skate art auction on May 21 at The Brink Gallery in Missoula, MT. My piece for this years show is shipped out, here are some of the final details that brought the deck to life:
Once the major outlines are done I go back and make some of the lines thicker to add depth, and I use an extra fine black sharpie paint pen to add details, and extra fine white sharpie paint pen for highlights.

The "suckers" were left uncolored, just the original wood showing through.

Its all about the details!

Finally I clear coated the deck with a high gloss lacquer. It was the first time I've used this for clear coat, usually I use Krylon Crystal Clear or the Valspar equivalent. I tested the lacquer on a smaller piece first. It did cause the paint to have a crackled effect in a few places, but it looks really cool on the tentacles, and the shine is sweet!

adding fishing line for hanging as well as a label and my card.

and she is packed up and on her way back to MT! This deck was a lot of fun and I hate to see her go, but I'm sure through the ON DECK auction she'll find a good home!
All the decks will be on display mid-April on stop back in and check out Skate Board art from across the country. I know I can't wait to see them all, and if you find one you like make a bid, it goes to a great cause!