Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Around (artisticly)

I've always been a fan of making your own path and doing your own thing. The next step I am working towards on my own path is to spend my summers traveling to art markets and festivals sharing my art.

Seems easy right?!

Well anything worth doing is worth doing right. Also, I am a stickler for presentation so I don't want my stuff to look half a... ny way. I thought I'd chronicle my own adventure in getting into the art festival scene to hopefully help future artists who dare to traverse the same path.

I've already learned an important lesson to pass along, FIND ART FESTIVALS EARLY . I started this endeavor as a part of my New Year's resolutions and quickly learned that many applications are due through out January. YIKES! One of the shows I attended last year and hoped to be a part of this year has a deadline in 2 weeks. As part of the application I would need to photograph my booth... which I don't have. Given the time it will take to select a tent, decide on a system to display my art, get it all shipped to me, and come up with a stellar presentation, I think I'll miss this first one. LESSON LEARNED.

So rolling with the punches I am researching more shows with later deadlines. Simple first step = GOOGLE! I have found a enough shows within a few hundred miles that I still have time to apply to.

Now to decide on presentation. I have read great things about Flourish canopies (, but the price tag is a little high. I want quality, but this may have to wait until we see how successful the festivals are for me. I am currently trying to decide between an EZ up and a Caravan I can get either for a decent price at

I also have to figure out the display system, at first I was thinking of building something, but I have read SO many horror stories. I love the look of Pro Panels, but again the price tag is high for my first go round with the Art Festivals.

So my first step in the process is to decide these two things... hmmm....
well off to do dome research.


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  1. After some research , and talking to some folks, I decided thta I was rushing myself to try to get in on this season of festivals. So I have taken a step back. I have a couple of quotes on canopies and display system but I'm not buying anything yet. I'm going to take this summer to visit varoious festivals and get some ideas. Then In the fall I plan to start my prepreations so I'm not rushing next spring!