Friday, March 11, 2011

ON DECK VI pt 3: In Living Color

Now that the deck is sanded and the sketch has been outlined, its time to get to the good stuff THE COLOR!
I began buy coloring the tentacles. I achieved the color by using ZIG Posterman Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown and Uni Posca Orange. I faded the color from yellow and orange around the suckers  red to brown for shading.
I'm planning on leaving wood grain showing on the suckers, and coloring the rest of the board.
All arms completed. I added a little Sharpie White for highlights in a few places and a touch of Sharpie Black for some of the arms further in the background.
Next I added some Green  plantlife at the bottom using both Zig and Uni Posca Green with Zig Yellow for highlights in the foreground and Zig Blue for lowlights.
Now I went to work on the beast's head in the background combining reds, blue, brown, purple and black.
I made the water by blending Sharpie Blue to Zig Blue to Sharpie Flourescsnt Blue.
Finally I crolored the mermaid using a  combination of browns, orange, yellow, and white.
With the color all laid out, the next step is what brings it all together and really makes it pop. Its time to start adding in the black outlines and shading as well as the white highlights.

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