Monday, June 6, 2011

Painting with Paint Pens: Color Blending pt 2

A couple weeks back I demonstrated some blending techniques using a Red - Orange - Yellow - White blend.
Here is another blending example on the same painting using cool colors.

When painting with paint markers I always try to work from light to dark, since light colors can be covered up easier.
For the waves I  use Posterman's Light and Dark Blue, Purple, Green, and White.

Start with a little Purple in the darkest areas.

...and blend with Dark Blue.

Add Light blue just outside the Dark Blue.

...and blend.

for large areas like this if you need a stopping point, bu sure it is where you have blended back to the origonal marker color, its hard to match shades.
Coming now from the shoreline on the right to the blend I have already done on the left.
I start with the purple.

Next I do a line of Dark Blue right next to the purple.

...and Blend
A section of light blue just outside of the dark blue.
...and (you guessed it) blend!

Blending light blue to white makes sweet highlights.
Green makes a great addition to water as well, here I blended Light Blue to Green, back to Light Blue.
Using 5 colors you can create all sorts of cool blends and shades.

 Next step adding highlights and lowlights, this is what brings it all together, add definition, and mack this painting sick!